Leisure & Entertainment

With over 150 years’ experience within the travel industry, we’re at the heart of our customer’s journey and memories. We know what customers want and how to deliver the best experiences in the market.

We work with a variety hotels and customer demographics and specialise in providing tailormade services to the hotel and travel sector through: programme design, recruitment, training and service delivery. Hotels and organisations choose us because we deliver what the customers want to the highest of standards within the industry.

Entertainment services should never be an add-on or an afterthought. A first class entertainment experience should be engaging and inspiring to our customers’ needs, leading to improved customer experience, satisfaction and competitive advantage.

We believe that when it comes to entertainment delivery, a ‘one size fits all’ approach can never work so we develop close working relationships with organisations to understand their needs in order to create compelling, bespoke programmes that reflect brand values and service goals.

Leisure and Entertainment White Label not only gives organisations piece of mind, through a professional delivery and management structure already operating overseas for 30+ years. It also enables organisations to truly tailor make their approach to entertainment solutions with the full experience and backing of the longest and oldest tour operator in the world.

Leisure & Entertainment Thomas Cook