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Casa Cook Ibiza forms partnership with Papua New Guinea workers co-operative

10 Sep 2019
Casa Cook Ibiza forms partnership with Papua New Guinea workers co-operative

The profit-for-purpose enterprise ‘considered by REAL’ has designed these interior items specifically for Casa Cook Ibiza and it is the first project they have worked on in Europe – and the largest project for them of its kind.

Speaking to Remo Masala, our creative director for Thomas Cook Hotels & Resorts, who told us: “Every chair in our Casa Cook hotels is made to our own designs. For our Ibiza hotel, we wanted to go one step further and take our guests on a journey beyond the island and into the remotest corners of the world. Working with the communities in Papua New Guinea to commission pieces for our hotel has been rewarding from a design point of view but to know that we are giving this traditional artisanal craft a global audience is extremely fulfilling.”

The handmade woven chairs are based on a tradition that dates back generations using locally-sourced cane and bark from the jungles of Papua New Guinea. Each chair takes six weeks to make and involves more than 2-3 days sourcing the correct cane and bark from the jungle. The hotel has also commissioned 500 bilums, a hand-woven bag typical to the area, that will hang in each room for guests to use.

Working directly with the local community is part of a project by considered by REAL to bring major commercial opportunities to the families and small enterprises across Papua New Guinea building a new Pacific Creative Industry that will provide improved livelihoods. The money generated enables the community to cover things like school fees and access to local health services.  Founder and CEO of considered by REAL, Virginia Bruce said: “The informal sector in Papua New Guinea is made up of 80 per cent of the population and it is characterised by lower and less reliable income and difficult working conditions. By helping local artisans create viable businesses through partnerships like Casa Cook Ibiza, we will create a real economy that is inclusive, equitable, sustainable and deals in real value and financial returns.”

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