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New 'Customer at our Heart' Service Excellence Training

30 Dec 2017
New 'Customer at our Heart' Service Excellence Training

We recently launched a brand new 'Customer at our Heart' Service Excellence Training for all Condor and Thomas Cook Service Counter employees as well as the check-in employees of our handling agent FPS.

Over two full training days on the 26th and 27th of October Dennis Hochberger, Annika Bergner and Nadine Peter (all part of the Group Customer Experience team) welcomed a total of 60 participants and carried out training on the following topics:

  • Customer Journey and customer expectations
  • Communication in customer service
  • Importance of customer feedback and complaint handling
  • Stress management

In cooperation with the Group Ground Operations, the training concepts were designed especially for the employees of the check-in and the Thomas Cook Service Counter.  Overall, it was well received by all participants.

In particular the chance for open and honest discussions between colleagues from different departments was really valuable and viewed as extremely positive.

”At the beginning of the training we worked out - together with all the participants - the significance of the airport as starting point of the customer journey.  Above all, the sessions were about the idea of a complete  customer journey, and the role our customer promises and the personal impact all colleagues can have on this exciting part of the holiday experience”, Annika Bergner (Group Customer Experience Manager).

During the training everyone shared their different experiences and own tips and tricks for dealing with, amongst other things, our guests’ special occasions, challenging situations and unforeseen changes in the operational process.

In addition some optimisation potentials were uncovered which will be now followed within the Thomas Cook Group.  In groups, new ideas for such optimization was explored as well as refreshing the little lifts concept (how our guests can be surprised with small gestures or attention) that makes such a difference to our customers.

”The commitment of the participants during the training was really great.  It showed how much the colleagues at the airport care about our guests and how they show their full commitment to make this first point of contact during their vacation as positive as possible”, Dennis Hochberger (Head of Customer Experience Continental Europe & Consulting Services).

Following this successful training launch there are further plans including roll-out to other airports as well as additional product training at the airport in Frankfurt.

New 'Customer at our Heart' Service Excellence Training

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